How to Clean Up Recent History in File Explorer

When you open File Explorer in Windows 10, we will be taken to the Quick Access page and will see the Frequent Folder, which contains frequently used folders and under it Recent Files, which contains the last files you open.

Recent Files serves as shortcuts for users to quickly access frequently used files. However, some users want to remove it from appearing when opening File Explorer.

If you want to delete the history of Recent Files from appearing in File Explorer Windows 10, you can follow the following way. First, go to File Explorer > View > Options. You will see Folder Options. In the Open File Explorer option to: change to This PC, then press the OK button. For more details How to Clean Up Recent History in File Explorer Windows 10, follow the steps below.

But before it, i will give you information about How many recent file locations in Windows 10. File Explorer saves the recent file history not in only one place, but in a few locations. Let’s knowing walk through them so we know how many of them to deal with.

1. Quick Access and Frequent Folders

That un-pinned folders listed under Quick Access on the left, and a list of recent files, 20 of them by default, listed on the right under frequent folders section.

2. Frequent Places

Click File in File Explorer and you will see a list of frequently accessed places on the right panel, 10 of them by default.

How to Clean Up Recent History in File Explorer Windows 10

  1. Click File on File Explorer > Options.
  2. On General tab, click the Clear button to clean up both recently used files and frequently used folders in Quick access.
  3. OK

Note: Changes to the settings will be visible after you access the next File Explorer. So please close the File Explorer window, and then reopen it. Recent Files is no longer visible.

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