Fix Problems Signing in to the Xbox App

Fix Problems Signing in to the Xbox App in Windows 10

If you have Problems Signing in to the Xbox App, you must following more step in below. Xbox App in Windows 10 sometimes having some problems, you can go to Get Help with Xbox on Windows 10 for other problems. So, How to Fix Problems Signing in to the Xbox App? let’s to begin.

  • Connect you Windows 10 to internet.
  • On your PC, go to Start > Settings > Time & language. Under Date and time, make sure the Set time automatically setting is turned on.
  • Go to Start > Settings > Accounts and find the Microsoft account you used to sign in to the Xbox app, and select Remove.
  • Go back to the Xbox app and sign in with the Microsoft account you just removed.

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Fix Problems Signing in to the Xbox App Error Code 0x800488AB in Windows 10

  • Click on sign in with a different Microsoft accountClick on sign in with a different Microsoft account
  • Don’t click on your own Microsoft Account
  • Click on the option for a new Microsoft AccountClick on the option for a new Microsoft Account

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    1. Hellow elanor, follow steps in below:
      You can change your Microsoft account password from your Xbox 360 console or from a browser on another Internet-enabled device such as a computer or tablet. You might want to change your password if:

      -You think someone else might be using your account.
      -An online retailer that you do business with had a security breach, and your think that you used the same password on your Microsoft account.
      -It’s been a long time since you’ve changed your password, and you just want to be safe.

      Changing your password is slightly different than resetting a forgotten password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can recover it online by verifying your identity using other information.

      Note: This ability to change your password is currently available on the Xbox 360 console but not on the Xbox One console.

      Change your Microsoft account password through a web browser

      Here’s how to change the password on your Microsoft account through a web browser:

      1. Sign in using your Microsoft account email address and password.
      2. On the Home page, under your profile photo and email address, select Change password.
      3. You may be asked to verify that you are the account owner by receiving a security code via text or email and then entering it on the webpage.
      4. Enter your current password.
      5. Create a new password and then confirm it.
      6. Select Save.

      Once you’ve made the change, you’ll receive a notification at your existing “security information” email address or phone number. This is a precaution in case someone else made the change. If that happens, you can cancel the change by following the instructions provided in the notification.

      Change your Microsoft account password from your Xbox 360 console

      Here’s how to change your password from your Xbox 360 console. Before getting started, make sure you’re connected to Xbox Live and that you have your current password ready.

      1. Sign in using your Xbox Live-enabled gamertag.
      2. Scroll right to settings and select Account.
      3. Scroll right to Your Information and select Account Security.
      4. Select Change Password.
      5. Enter your current password, enter your new password twice, and then select Change Now.
      6. If you want to save the password so you can use it to sign in to other Microsoft services, select Yes when you’re prompted to do so.

  1. I was trying to sign into XBOX, but did not realize that I had to have a valid account and I made a new one. Since then, my daughter gave me the correct information. How do I sign on to XBOX with the correct information. It still has the account that I set up in there.

    1. If you want to change your sign-in preferences, such as requiring your password when you sign in, follow these steps:
      1. Scroll left on the Home screen to open the guide.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Select All Settings.
      4. Under Account, select Sign-in, security & passkey. If you previously required a password to change settings, you’ll be asked to enter it now.
      5. Under Sign-in, security & passkey, select Change my sign-in & security preferences.
      6. Choose one of the options:
      – Make it fast, make it magic. No password.
      – No barriers. No extra steps to sign in or change settings.
      – Check that it’s me. Ask for your passkey.
      – Ask for my passkey. Passkey required to sign in, buy things, or change settings.
      – Lock it down. Passkey needed for almost everything.
      – Customize. Select this option to customize which actions require a password or passkey.

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